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Mackin means being in total control of your life but it also means being independant, i.e. single
Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing, never happen, I'll be forever Mackin. I got no passion, I got no patience, and I hate waitin' (Jay-Z)
by Denton August 29, 2005
39 195
To make moves on, show your game, try to get with the person.
Yo, this kid Jay is mackin it with them fly-ass hoes
by Graffiti July 15, 2003
1116 191
The process of gettin' with a really hot girl, or also know as Mackin on dem hoes. Also an extremely good name to have for picking up girls.
He's been mackin on dem hoes all night.
by dem hoes May 11, 2009
350 230
hitting on girls, flirting with lots of them, possibly gullible girls
He be mackin' those girls and they dont even know it
by Jessica May 10, 2003
201 99
to hit on or flirt. Boys mack. Girls flirt.
Yeah, I was mackin mad hard on this girl last night...
by Eric Farthings June 19, 2010
220 128
To have two girls interested in you at once, actin on it is optional.
Dude1: Woah those girls were so checking you out!

Dude2: Yea bro I'm mackin'.
by Marcoh November 17, 2009
47 49
to be chillin ; hanging out
hey , what's up ? what you doing ? " , " mackin , over here by ......
by YourBbyForLife December 17, 2010
149 159
Takin' it easy. Kickin' back. Chillin'.
Check nigga mackin' on the couch. No worries.
by filthpig454 December 31, 2008
33 76