Portmanteau of the words Meat and bracket.

This is when two males press their erect penises against the left and right side of a female's face, thus producing the meat bracket.

If a third individual takes the front of the female's face. This is called "The Three Macketeers"
Yo, Mason, let's macket this snitch's face.
by TheFifthMacketeer February 12, 2013
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a combination of the word MAC and jacket. Associated with the junior rowing team Marina Aquatic Center in Marina del Rey,CA whose uniform consists of wearing a sick red jacket with the letters mac written across.
random rower:why didn't you wear your macket today it's freezing?!
MAC rower: Do you even row for MAC?.....

MAC novice: I haven't gotten my macket yet, all i have is this mac sweatshirt with a retarded hood fml :'(
by placepseudonymhere1 February 27, 2011

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