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After the act of either anal sex, vaginal sex, behind the knee sex, and/or being BLOWN, the man removes his penis and with a slashing motion, during the release of his baby yogurt, slaps the female continuously across the facial area. This creates a flowing stream of white goodness that showers the females face. The man also has the option of screaming "Machete" as he is bringing down the cum hammer.
Dude, I got pissed at your mom yesterday so I went ahead and gave her a Machete. She then had the biscuits to say that she wanted another. Dude, your mom loves the cock!
by Fat Cobra & Stunt Man Mike May 04, 2007
machete:an alternate word for the men with big wangs, usually used to cut the hyman in a virgins vigina by method of penetration.
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
the alternate name for the male "unit" usually reffered by this name to impress the length of the machete to the ladies.
hey baby, let me show you my machete.
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
Mexican knife.
Jose: Raul, tw eres loco. Quiero "cut" tu con mi machete.
Raul: No, por favor...tu eres un hoser.
by El Barto June 29, 2004