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An Apple fanboy who think's Apple products are the best thing, ever. One who think's Apple can do no wrong.
"Who was that guy who was going on and on about how great apple products are?" "That was my friend Nick, he's a macboy"

macboy: "That problem would *never* happen if you were on a mac"
macboy: "When are you going to get out of the dark ages of computing, and get a mac"
macboy: "Yeah that super model is pretty hot, but my new MacBook Pro is assembled better"
by ariston August 08, 2007
A male who is obsessed with Apple products, in particular they're Macs.

Has to have the latest version as soon as it comes out, and continually rants on about how Macs are superior to PCs.

They often have posters of Steve Jobs graced all over their bedroom walls and also try to be American if they aren't already.

They spend their spare time in Starbucks thinking they're superior and better than everyone else because they have an overpriced machine and an overpriced coffee.

To Macboys Apple can do no wrong!
PC User - "I just got a new laptop it's really fast i'm really happy with it."

Macboy Aaron - "Oh no no no, you don't need a PC my Mac is way better, Apple is so good their customer service is second to none. Best company ever. Steve Jobs is fucking god!!! Get a Mac and I'll meet you in Starbucks."

Mac User - "My MacBook pro has a broken headphone jack, it wont clip in!"

MacBoy Ben - "Oh no no no, that's just Apple's new safety design feature. Apple can do no wrong!!!!!!"

Aaron and Ben are Macboys
by MacUser84 December 14, 2009
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