A form of drug slang that is used in Turks and Caicos ( northern carribean nation) Always involves two people one for the "call" (person that asks if tourist wants "Mac n' Cheese") usually some form of wanna be in the lower part of the gang so the dealer can make a run for it.

Origin: unknown i was asked while vacationing in Turks and Caicos then later asked a bar tender of the meaning.
"Hey girl, you wanna come over here and get some Mac n' Cheese"

by Michael FDTM August 17, 2006
Top Definition
Simply the simplest best food ever.
JACK: d00derz I would kill for some mac n' cheese!
JOEY: I totally knoes! Lets go make it!
by Ian Burnsteen! March 25, 2006
A term used by males to describe the gift of a blow job.
Used in the context of it being "made" for you.
1 - "Hey man how'd it go with that chick last night?"
2 - "It was awesome she made me Mac N Cheese for like an hour"
1 - "What a slut"
by D1rtyTurtle May 15, 2010
when you bang it real good mac that cheese
and i mac n cheesed your bitch
by jc curtis April 16, 2008
Kids talking over mic on online games, they usually sound pubescent and Justin Bieber like. They typically throw out douchebaggery comments and try to pretend they're older then they really are.
Kid (a.k.a the Mac n Cheese ) - " I totally just blew your head of, bro! HOLLA HOLLA GET DOLLA! Wut tyme is it?! "

after that everyone votes to kick or mute the player
by Bucketpigs October 17, 2013
The act of picking up a chick, macking on her in public, then taking her home and cheesing all over her.
Dude, I totally mac'n cheesed that bitch last night.
by MAJII September 12, 2010
When a man holds a girls ass in one hand and violently smacks her butt cheeks with the other while making grunting noises and moving your lips in a circle.
Past tense: last night i MAC N' CHEESED her like a boss

Present tense: i'm gunna MAC N' CHEESE her till she whines

Future tense: i can't wait to MAC N' CHESSE that ass
by big boii JR June 13, 2012
cool, wicked awesome, signifies a high five, achieving, being delicious.
*said a good comback*
That's mac 'n cheese!

*good joke*
"Mac 'n cheese!"

*high five*
"mac 'n cheese!"

"I got an A!"
"Mac 'n cheese!"

"There's no lite brite here."
"That's not mac 'n cheese."
by Abby "James Bond" December 09, 2006

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