it means that something is the shit
yo man that weed was the "mac-dizzle."
by jauquine May 08, 2008
Top Definition
another word for McDONALDS fast food
jo mang lets be gettin sum dat MAC DIZZLES and shizz mang.
by mdog March 27, 2005
A name for someone who has no meaning in life but to act gay, get made fun of and search the internet for gay clothing.

Black wannabe.
Dustin Belyeu.
Belyeu is the mac dizzle fo' sho'.
by BS February 28, 2005
I know mac dizzle he is the gayest guy I know so if you are trying to insult someone call them a mac dizzle. I mean the guy looked up pink shirts on the internet in the middle of class for crying out loud.
Dustin Belyeu from Hokes Bluff, AL is mac dizzle.
by Anonymous March 01, 2005
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