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A woman who has a very pretty face, but a body which makes her less than totally hot.
The opposite of a butterface.
Dude 1: Hey, see that girl over there with the beautiful eyes and the flabby gut?
Dude 2: Yeah. She's quite a mac and cheese.
by stevom November 11, 2010
10 8
The sound a girl's sloppy wet pussy makes when it gets fingered
I woke up laying on the floor 4am after a party. My buddy was under a sheet with a girl on the couch. All I could hear is a combination of the girl moaning and mac and cheese.
by fingerer July 14, 2008
16 19
To literally put mac and cheese on a girl's bare ass and eat it off.
"Damn that girl has a fat ass! I would love to mac and cheese that ho."
by JS via CP September 09, 2006
27 34
to lay down your mac with a touch of cheese on one of the many fine ladies you know or want to get to know.

also best food in the world! m-c ush ;-)
im gonna lay some mac and cheese on jane tonight

dude your totaly trying to mac and chsse that shit arnt you

by demdem July 30, 2006
10 23