A mother (including mother in lesbian and gay relationship) fucker. Someone who fucks a mother.
You crazy ma fucker. You know what that ma fucker said to me. Mom - Hey little Billy, wanna be a ma fucker?
by Eric June 17, 2006
Top Definition
The Correct, urban way to say, 'motherfucker.'
Yo! Whassup, ma-fucker?
by steviedee February 27, 2006
A human being who 'fucked' a mother. (The mother can be a man if homosexual). Ma Fucking is the thing to do. No man or woman is complete without a nice Ma Fuck-ing.
Hey Timmy you little Ma Fucker. I fucked Sandy making me a Ma Fucker. You crazy Ma Fucker.
by Eric June 17, 2006
A gangster's way of saying Mother Fucker. By the way someone says the word, it can make someone pissed off or horny.
You ma-fucker. you stole my bitch!
by Nicole Morris March 09, 2006
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