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A millibitcoin: 1/1000 of a bitcoin, or .001 bitcoins. Used because the bitcoin, although highly fluctuating, has been very high: over a hundred dollars, and nobody wants to have to deal with all of the decimals in small transactions. Perhaps, if bitcoins take off, we will have to start using microbitcoins (µBTC).
Redditor: +bitcointip 5 mBTC verify
Verified: m฿5 mBTC = $0.56 USD
by hamolton May 04, 2013
More Birthdays To Come
Happy birthday! MBTC. God bless you :)
by MBBG June 12, 2011
Used in forums in relation to an irritant who adds nothing to discussions.
Moderators, Ban This Cunt.
Poster 1 - (serious question to rest of board)
Poster 2 - lol
Poster 1 - MBTC
by certori February 26, 2010
it is a word commonly used by school kids. it is said mind babbling thunder cunt which means your so much of a cunt it babbles peoples mind with thunder.
peter-yo bill is such a mbtc!
josh-yer that cunt should kill him self!
by seedy petey July 02, 2008

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