1) Australian slang, short for mate.

2) A metric screw thread.
3) Motorways in GB, Ireland, Hungary, Armenia, Russia and Belarus.
1)"G'dAy m8" - " h0w r u doiN m8?" - "y@r m8, i neEd a M8 scr€w, m8" - "co0l m8, i'll br!ng u 1 0VeR da M8"
by Luckyleprechaun February 19, 2014
"m8" is the Leetspeak version of "mate". Mate means friend, if you didnt know. Its mostly used of gamers and hackers.
Mlg Pro: Get rekt m8!
Noob: nah nah
Mlg Pro: m8, u suc!
Noob: and u swallow
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by gtfoeddy May 22, 2016
An abbreviation of the word 'mate'.

This is usually used in texts between good friends.

Sometimes used out of pure laziness, other times just to look "cool".
"Hey Joe!"
"Hey m8, how's it goin?"
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by Alyx August 24, 2016
a word typically used to refer to a person, usually to either anger, charm, or to rek them.
get rekt m8
oi ur shit m8
by Manuerism August 02, 2016
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