1) Australian slang, short for mate.

2) A metric screw thread.
3) Motorways in GB, Ireland, Hungary, Armenia, Russia and Belarus.
1)"G'dAy m8" - " h0w r u doiN m8?" - "y@r m8, i neEd a M8 scr€w, m8" - "co0l m8, i'll br!ng u 1 0VeR da M8"
by Luckyleprechaun February 19, 2014
M8 == mate
User1: hey!
User2: hi m8!
User1: play a CSGO round?
by Rhodos32 February 22, 2015
A slightly shorter way of saying mate, probably on the internet.
u w0t m8?
by CokRubbin May 20, 2015
An incredibly stupid abbreviation for the word 'Mate' which is commonly used over texts but occasionally used in conversation by idiot teenage boys
by ON FLEEK THO April 03, 2015
A robot with the primary function of friendship.
'Have you met my M-8? He's wicked shiny!'
by Lonka-Troka. May 12, 2009
The title of someone who is a friend, a bro, a nigga, etc...Usually used many times in one sentence. Be prepared to be punched if you use too excessively, sometimes it get annoying as shit!
Fucking what, M8?!


Hey M8, lets go hang with the other M8's, you down M8?!
by BgtennisbruhM8 January 20, 2015
irc is all about sounding l337 and since everyone there are software pirates they refer to each other as m8 rather than buddy or pal.
how you doin m8
mornin m8
thx m8
by Gauntlet3h August 14, 2003

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