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In Call Of Duty 4 Possibly the most beast sniper weapon made know to mankind when in the hands of a skilled marksman. The m40a3 bolt action sniper rifle fires a 7.62 × 51 mm NATO round capable of destroying up to 6 terrorists if in a straight line.
Gamer 1: Yeah man i the m40a3 is my favorite weapon.

Gamer 2: Yeah i love to quickscope with the m40a3.

Gamer 1: Dude you got any friends who are good at quickscoping?

Gamer 2: yeah man my one friend Deadly Chicken is a rapist in 1v1's with that thing.

Gamer 1: Deadly Chicken, i heard of him hes the bomb.

Gamer 2: Word...
by D3adly Chick3n April 15, 2010
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