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Rapper/Artist Kendrick Lamar defined it as, "My Angels on Angel Dust". Meaning that in the hood you're best friends and past friends are rather dead or on drugs.
good kid m.A.A.d city is the best album of 2012
by ThAreAlKendrickLAmAr March 26, 2013
An acronym created by Kendrick Lamar referring to where he grew up. He never told anyone what it meant, however, he revealed that the meaning is mentioned somewhere in his album. The meaning is unveiled at the end of the song, M.A.A.d City.
"Compton, USA. Made me an Angel on Angel Dust." -Kendrick Lamar, m.A.A.d City.
by Maybe It's Me July 19, 2014
Mad (alternate spelling: maad, maaad) - mæd - adj/n

meaning: 1) (adj) Very

2) (n) A large quantity of
Used amongst teenagers/young people of urban/suburban background
1). There are maaad people in this room. there are many many people in this room
2). He was maad concerned that I didn't show up. He was very concerned that I didn't show up
3). I was mad confused when I saw that there were mad birds surrounding me.

I was very confused when I saw that there were many birds surrounding me.
by LuigiFbaby November 30, 2010
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