verb. To write down song lyrics by listening to the song.
I spent hour last night trying to lyrik the first three lines of <insert song here>.

I lyriked a few songs last night.
by Coslaxo October 15, 2007
Top Definition
A gorgeous girl that is moved by the arts. She is excellent in everything that she does (photography, dance, singing, writing, acting, drawing, gymnastics or any sport)! Typically has dark hair and bright eyes. This girl has an incredible sense of humor. She struggles emotionally, but is always able to pick herself back up and use her experiences to help others. It is impossible not to love her! Lyrik's are known to be very intelligent, making them hard to find. If you ever find a Lyrik, you should never let her go. She can satisfy you in ways you've never imagined. She's perfect.
That Lyrik is seriously the most perfect thing ever.
by Jbearkillem December 05, 2013
A very pretty girl who is moved by music. Very dedicated and passionate about what she does. A dancer with great style Usually with brown hair and brown eyes. A dreamer.
Wow look at that Lyrik. I wish I could dance like her!
by Princesslyrik March 08, 2011
A white girl with a black girl's ass.
Bro, did you see that girl Lyrik?
Yeah, she had an ass!
by Jbearkillem June 10, 2014
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