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A town in Massachusetts dominated by annoying guidos, rich people, and losers who call it "L-town".
Yo man did you see that Italian kid wearing that varsity jacket in Lynnfield?
by doctor weed February 18, 2008
Quite possibly the most futile town in Massachusetts. It's full of Guidos and
stupid pale-ass Irish people. All the girls think they're pretty and "too good
for you" when they're really not. And all the boys are blind of common sense and
care about nothing but fucking sports. Everyones blind about any other sexuality
other than heterosexuality, and everyone in town is a douche-bag in their own
"Look at that girl rejecting all those guys over there, she's totally from Lynnfield."
"Lynnfield wouldn't be a bad town if everyone weren't such sad fucks!"
by I'm Goin' For A Ride! September 24, 2013
Lynnfield has several different classes of people. First we have the guidos. All they do is cook up big pots of guido red sauce and brag about shit they accomplished. The second class is the nerds(aka the Irish) all they do is talk about TF2 and Minecraft and rant on during lunch about console wars and shit. They are sad fucks with no girlfriends or lives, usually get good grades though. The third class is the jocks(aka guidos and douchebags) Which are a bunch of fags who "flirt" with the ugly guido girls and pale ass irish nerds and think they're something else. Well, they aren't. And that leads us onto the girls, who all think they're so perfect and too fucking good for you unless you're a guido jock douchebag fag. Which is about 75% of the population. Then we have the 1% percent, the beautiful people, the alphas, the spark of hope, the prophets. Oh, wait. Fuck. There aren't any.
"Look at that guy, he's such a guido jock douchebag fag retard, I think i'll go out with him for 2 days, and then break up with him."
"Lynnfield is the source of all evil."
by Sipping Tomato Sauce February 11, 2014

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