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the acronym "lose your mind, find your soul."

the core motto for The Saluda Brand skate snow and surf apparel fashion company.

lose your mind:
it means to live a life completely out of one's head; or to live outside yourself. abandon logic, reason and worldly views. pretty much: go crazy.

find your soul:
only when you're unbound from logic and worldly laws can you be free to find your soul and truly live. we are always searching for something more while on earth. we cannot begin if we never admit there is something out there worth finding.

if one is successfully living this saying, they find they are doing illogical things they can't explain and experiencing things fully. others will try to call these people stupid, crazy or impulsive. this is natural, as it is just the world trying to repress the soul from shining.
"today I walked out on my job of five years just so I could go fishing. lymfys."

"you only live once: lymfys."

"I got married in vegas.. and divorced one week later. lymfys."

"I pee'd my pants in public.. and I'm 36. lymfys."

"the doctor tells me i have schizophrenia. I try telling him that I'm lymfys and it's all good."
by sal uda June 29, 2015
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