lover of pez
Lyla eats the shit out of pez.
by bradrocket March 06, 2010
love u like a sister

*used only in IMs*
bri ur the best! lylas
by tia and tamera August 13, 2003
Love you like a sister
"Well I gotta go...lylas"
by Shmads August 25, 2008
A murderous, badass, chill lady who enjoys beating all her friends at math even though she hates it. Also high-class and commonly found sipping tea at a cocktail party contemplating Moriarty's next move. She's also AWESOME, funny, and gorgeous and amazing!
OMG, Lyla just dumped a pot of boiling hot tea on me because I called her pretty!
Lol, look at that hot chick over there contemplating Moriarty's next move. She must be Lyla!
by Loki Laufeyson Loves Puppies March 28, 2014
An acronym of "Love Ya Like A Sis"
used by preps who can't stop passing notes to other people in class.
Lauren: OMG! Thatz so unfair! Anywayz, clazz iz almozt ova, so cyaz! LYLAS!
by Jessica March 27, 2004
It's like if you and your bestfriend have known eachother for a while and you guys are like sisters and you don't want to just say hey gurl I LOVE YOU do you know how much things people would say about u yah ALOT
Hey how are you girl well just wanted to write you a note

LyLaS, maria or whatever and then no one will be able to say crap to u
by Athena webster April 16, 2005
abbreviation: Love You Lots And Stuff
"Kayla, I love you lots and stuff!!"

"Oh Zach, I love you lots and stuff too!!!"

We each lylas!!
by Zach Perpetua January 10, 2007

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