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Love You Like a Brother
g2g, ttyl, lylab
by Hardon March 05, 2003
if a girl says this to you and she is not your sister and you are a strait man this is not a good thing. this means you have entered the friend circle and there is no chance for a sexual relationship with her.
girl: g2g lylab!
boy: fuck
by Toxic540 August 30, 2006
Acronym for "Love you like a brother".

Similar to "Love you like a sister".

Used to show love in a non-intimate fashion.
"Ok well I gotta go brother...ttyl...lylab"
by Shmads August 25, 2008
an acronym for "love you like a brother."

for use when you have affection for a guy as strong as you would if he were family.
lylab, john!

thanks, susan! lylas!
by lexstud July 29, 2008
Love You Like a Brother
Hey, man. I LYLAB.
by Camaro97 May 30, 2012
Love you like a bro. Only to be used in a non queer fashion.
Aiyo, homez, I'm out. Lylab.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
let your loose ass bounce
hey girl lylab
by oak1018 July 02, 2009