the act of imposing a distorted reality which entitles you to something otherwise not deserved;
when handed to another person, the person lying assumes a superior position as the sole party knowing it is distorted and the exact nature of the distortion . . . inducing the recipient to assist them in getting something they are not entitled to and do not deserve; Manipulation. From this perspective "lying" is a form of theft.
by dexmcgee December 11, 2015
Lying Just Means Lying But Is Said Extremely Over-Exaggeratedly, It Is Usually Used When Someone Is Lying (Obviously).
Friend1: I Have A Very Large Penis
Friend2: LYING!!
by SamuelJc July 01, 2006
A combination of crying and laughing.
That guy was lying so much because of the joke.
by Johnnycake July 02, 2006

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