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short for life, used in texts and/or MSN conversations.
Guy 1 - Today I got laid, found 50 quid on the floor, got promoted and had a KFC.

Guy 2 - I wnt ur lyf m8.
by THEOverlordofG's May 15, 2010
made up way of simply saying "love you forever"
guy: i kno right. i miss u so much. lyf<3
girl: aww, I miss you 2. lyf 2 ^^
by ms.anonymous (; May 30, 2010
Definition: Love yo face. A term of endearment. Used between Face & Rooster. A specific way of expressing your love for someone who's face you love.
"Babe, I LYF"
"Happy Birthday Akeem, LYF"
by illustratedlady May 02, 2016
LYF Acronym for: Love Your Face
In a text conversation: I'm headed out. See you tomorrow. LYF
by Picasso4269 July 05, 2015
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