Like your dick
When someone says something pejorative, just say that.
That ant is really tiny. LYD.
This sucks. LYD.
That's boring. LYD.
by SnowedEarth November 20, 2009
Top Definition
An informal word for a friend. Used similar to the word mate, the word Lyd is often used in greetings. Lyd is very popular in north Wales. Spelling differs on area and personal preference for example "Lyrd" and "Lurd" are varients.
John: Orite lyd!
Mark: Orite mate!
by bigcigar November 21, 2010
Lydia(lyds) is an Awesome girl, who brings happiness and laughter to everyone around her. Her trustworthy, kind and gentle character is one of her greatest virtues, as she has a heart of Gold and only wishes to help others. Her strong willed spirit deters her from doing stupid things but she is also quirky, weird and tinseyy bit crazy when u get to know her. Lydias normally are quite short, love to dance, funny, swag and are the centre of the partay. She isnt shy but has a soft, caring heart behind her strong, funny personality which allows her to be a great friend. If u know a lydia like this, keep her close since shell be there for you and protect you from even yourself sometimes. She will take all the drama that goes on in your life and look out for you. Her friends and family love her and care for her since she's so precious in their lives. Lydia is a girl you have to treasure, protect and care for, as she's a rare jewel.
Chrysler: "Lyds..she cracks me up!"
Isaacl: "she's so crazy funny!"
Chrysler: "i knw right"
by Princess_YOLO April 15, 2013
live your dreams
person 1: "i really want those shoes"
person 2: "lyd"
by Sahara dessert September 10, 2012
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