Is a term used by illiterate computer users to vaguely describe a miscellaneous software error on a computer that they can not readily describe in technical terms - even though it just happened, but in their defense they have the short term memory of a gold fish. This term may also describe an error that occurred on a system in 'Care Bear' dialect. Where a supposed word or phrase is pronounced with a squishy-lipped heartfelt apathetic slang.
Same time chat
User: "excuse me could you help me?"
Technician: "Sure, what can I do to help?"
User: "My insert major corporate application here just died and told me.......luw huddle handle.....?"
Technician: "Do you mean Logical Unit of Work handle exception?"
User: "Nooooeeeewwww, idk :-), could you pwwweeeeaassseee heeelllpp mmmee?"
Technician: "Sure thing, I'll be there in a minute to look at it."
by judogizzard September 22, 2009

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