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The lute refers to both any plucked string instrument with a fretted neck and a deep round back as well as specifically an instrument from the family of European lutes. Lute and oud both descend from a ommon ancestor, with diverging evolutionary paths.

And it is played a lot at Renaissance faires.
Queen Elizabeth I is portrayed as playing a lute.
#faire #medieval #mediaeval #music #shakespearen
by Renaissance fan December 10, 2006
lute is used in place of almost every word. It can mean anything that the user wants it to mean. Usually is used as a compliment, but can become a slam if used properly.
"Wow, that shirt is totally lute!" (in this case it can be seen as either)
person 1, "I just aced my bio midterm!"
person 2, "Nice dude, tottally lute!"
(here it is used as a compliment)

Person 1, "Your a loser!"
person 2, "oh yeah, well your tottally unlute!"
(here it is a slam)
these are bad examples, but i think you get the general idea.
#lute #slam #disc #compliment #random
by darkelite9 May 02, 2008
Short for absolutely. It's like saying "totes"
Sven: You gonna be around for drinks after work?
Dude: Lutes dude.
#absolutley #lutes #totes #agreement #brain decay
by Dudepiece July 09, 2009
The mascot of Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington. A LUTE embodies the spirit of philosophy of the university; that of leadership and lifelong service to the greater community.
Pacific Lutheran University Lutes! go Lutes!
#mascot #lutheran #scandanavian #loots #lutefisk
by Tina Marie Schmidt October 25, 2007
Another word for a mans private areas
Damn... That stripper has a big lute!
#penis #genitals #cock #dick #johnson
by Daniella2121 February 17, 2006
Another mispelling of the word loot, commonly used by online gamers to describe the artifacts/items they found via a quest or defeating monsters.
Rexxar- Dood! I just got some phat lute from that quest!!!
Legolass- O RLY?
Rexxar- Yeah! I just found a Hammer of Sundering and Bracers of Infinite Strength!
#loot #phat loot #l00t #quest #online gaming
by Nesk June 24, 2006
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