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a). creepy person who just doesn't seem to go out of sight and keeps staring

b). somebody who creeps or "lurks" around a given area and looks awkward or out of place

c). a random person who ends up in the background of a picture or just jumps in out of nowhere (and essentially ruins the picture!)

"Look at this lurkface over here scooping out some bitches."

"Yo lurkface do something with your life" or "stop being such a lurkface"

"Yo why do we always get some lurkface in our pictures. God damn those random drunks at bars, man."
by afloydkillah June 06, 2007
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Someone who lurks.

Ben Davis or Benny D
Don't be such a lurkface.
by g33kintehp1nk June 12, 2007

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