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A breed of Fangirl that obsesses over Remus Lupin.
Usually can be found in their natural habitat: mugglenet's Chamber of Secrets forum, The Lyceum thread. It is wise to approach Lupinites with caution, as they are a very tempermental breed and will attack if provoked. Survives on a diet of Tea and Chocolate.
Man, that girl is a total Lupinite. She NEVER shuts up about Remus Lupin.
by Sabine Serpente February 25, 2005
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Crazy fan girl absolutely obsessed with Professor Remus Lupin. They can naturally be found swooning, watching Prisoner of Azkaban scenes with him over and over, and breaking the bindings of Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix to reread chapters with him in it.
Those crazy Lupinites said they wre gonna beat JKR with fish if she kills off Lupin!!
by ByTheMoony February 25, 2005

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