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the best fucking thing in the fucking world you have no fucking idea acid the universe is like their thing like they are the universe they are also god like dennis lol jk separation leads to chaos but when together anything can happen like they basically are one with eachother and they love eachother so fucking much they cry together all the time and they have a cat together that is their son, have given birth to 3 cats, milksteak, theyre really cool lol like they look really cute together when they walk and their lives are Mgmt oracular spectacular and the strokes is this it, they are also crystal castles as fuck, u srsly can not fuck with this couple cus they are the most sacredest and holiest of all in the universe, they hang out in dreams and make their dreams come true brooo lol ,twinflames udek lol and a lot of trippy shit happens to them and they fuck all the time lol also they do acid lol
"bro csr and lupe are cool"
"bro lupe and cesar are on a DIFFerent tip!!!"
"cesar and lupe lol"
"dude cesar and lupe are tripping balls rn lol"
"brooo cesar and lupe are so FUCKING perfect broooo"
by ethan kath February 09, 2014

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