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A Toronto-based band that makes music, which causes your face to explode. The greatest band ever consists of two members, multi-instrumentalist Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass (two of the coolest people to walk this earth!).
we are crystal castles
we are 1 boy and 1 girl
we are named after She-Ra's home
we play rough
by Juicebox2507 June 13, 2008
An electronic music duo that, if you believe them, weren't meant to be a band. Supposedly, their song Alice Practice (which happens to have an amazingly beautiful and totally unexpected melody with soul-wrenching indiscernible vocals), is really just Alice practicing. I think they said once that they used a keyboard with a nintendo soundcard. The two members are Claudio and Alice, and although they aren't signed yet, they should be. They're named after She-ra's home, NOT crystal meth (which is what I thought at first.) You can find all their music on myspace or limewire.
I just listened to Crystal Castles for about an hour and I think my life is complete.
by rachaelwithana September 16, 2007
A great electronica band, consisting of a boy and a girl. From Toronto, Canada.
Crystal Castles are a mad good electronic band.
Love and Caring is their best song.
by Louise T. W April 17, 2007
Not just a band, prior to the techno duo this referred to an arcade game created by the atari company in the 1980's. One of the first games to have an actual ending, you run around these odd castles collecting gems as this weird bear creature.
let's play crystal castles
by smushie February 01, 2009
It's a band and it's got a female singer. She screams into the mic during concerts and at some point jumps in the crowd and then everyone grabs her fanny.
A: My first concert was insane! I was screaming into the mic, then just jumped into the crowd and everyone was grabbing my fanny!

B: Oh, really? Is your band a Crystal Castles tribute or something?
by Minoritiesarethefuture March 13, 2011
To drink heavily very quickly due to change of plans.
My meeting ran late so I only had 30 minutes before the concert... I had to crystal castle it.
by PreGame May 02, 2011
A motel (typically with 40 or fewer rooms and a lobby that is separated from the units) where crystal methamphetamine is readily available for use or sale.
Person 1: "Wanna get tweaked?"
Person 2: "Sure, let's go to that gross hotel where my dealer lives!"
Person 1: "Oh you mean the Crystal Castle?! Let's do it!"
by Maxintaft October 16, 2013
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