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A man with a incredibly small, thin penis, see also asian penis
Girl: Oh my god this guy i fucked was such a luoma. His dick was only like 2 inches long ... hard!

Other girl: I'm glad I didn't fuck a luoma!
#synonyms: needle dick #asian penis #nipple dick #baby dick #nanocock. antonym: booty's thick 8
by not a luoma January 09, 2007
feces attached to your anus hairs
he has mad luoma
by hey yo leroy April 06, 2003
A purple armadillo wielding a magic keytar. A Luoma will become agitated if it are not fed Tacobell (perferably a crunchwrap supreme) at least once every week. A Luoma is also someone who hates girls who are obessed with tanning and water.

A Luoma will never abandon the people it loves, and if lucky, it will play keytar for them.
Me: "Dude! What is that sweet music?"
You: "That is Luoma, the coolest purple armadillo in town."
Me: "Golly gee! I didn't know armadillos could play keytar like that!"
#luoma #keytar #short #purple #magic
by SunflowerAction November 08, 2011
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