good, great, grand, golden.
"hey, how you doin?"

"i'm fuckin luminous"
by Jenn! May 14, 2008
Top Definition
Amazing song from the new album "Young Love" by gorgeous, kind, lovely Irish Twins, Jedward.
"Luminous the Anthem of Today! Check it out!"
by AussieJedwardLover June 06, 2012
having huge, monsterous pores on face
did you see that luminous?
by iluvkatie719729 February 22, 2009
One who is extremely badass will use the term luminous on a regular basis; saying such as 'dude, that's a sick hat' will be translated to 'dude that's a beast hat, let's fuck'.

As you can tell, luminous is a major sentence enhancer and should be treated as such.

Also, according to VAJ: awesomest site ever. go there or she'll rape your nun.
Normal sentence: "Hey Jim, how're you?!"

Luminous-ified sentence: "Hey Jim, want a hand job?!"
by saaaaaaaaaaaam September 12, 2008
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