Another term for "cock blocking" except the offending person, or item is actually "killing your wood" because it is distracting you and/or so repulsive you could not possibly be aroused while you are thinking about it.
Dude, I love this truck but the purple color is totally lumberjacking my game.

Did you see her ugly friend? As long as she was around she was lumberjacking me while I was hitting on the hot one.

We were eating at this fancy restaurant, but watching her eat snails totally lumberjacked me
by TommyGunz519 September 18, 2011
The act of masturbating while someone chainsaws you
This chick blew my mind; we were lumberjacking all night!
by ChainsawGoddess October 23, 2010
It is to have sex while wearing a fake beard or real beard and only flannel. Using Maple Syrup and Bacon in the sex is optional though full recommended to get the full effect.
I only like it having sex with Johnny when we are Lumberjacking.
by Nwordisawesome August 30, 2010
Two naked, erect men stand facing each other with their penises touching, head to head. Both men grab the unified boners with both hands, put the fists together, and move them back and forth as a single unit as if sawing down a tree with a two-person saw.
Man, I think Dave gave me a rash from too much lumberjacking last night. We should have used more maple syrup...
by RealEthoboy January 15, 2009
When defacating, the act of cutting short your faeces before you are finished, usually due to interuption.
"dude, yesterday I was dropping a hot steamy log and just as I was getting to the thick of it the UPS guy arrived and I had to lumberjack it!"

"there's two hobos fighting outside?! I'll be right there! I'm lumberjacking it!"
by Guyxander August 18, 2009
When a guy (or girl) hooks up with another girl and swaps his dip in her mouth.
'You can keep some of that skoal, baby, cause we're Lumberjacking'
by H&H Bagels April 21, 2009
Launching your snot out of one nostril while pressing shut the other nostril with your pointer finger. "Typically" performed outside and aimed towards the ground!
After I was lumberjacking near the sideline, my nose was clear enough to breath again. So then I returned to the hockey game.
by cheetofrito April 02, 2009

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