The act of masturbating while someone chainsaws you
This chick blew my mind; we were lumberjacking all night!
by ChainsawGoddess October 23, 2010
Top Definition
The highly disciplined art of simultaneously defecating and masturbating.
One thing Cliff really enjoys is a good lumber-jacking.
by Douglas Thorneloe January 20, 2008
The act of masturbating whilst watching someone else take a shit, or the act of taking a shit whilst someone watching masturbates
Man, my wife is a dirty bitch - we did some serious lumberjacking last night! She squatted over a glass coffee table & took a shit while I was underneath, masturbating furiously!!
by Jack Shit II March 31, 2007
Taking a shit while at work and getting paid for it
phone txt ** sup bro? reply: nm bro just lumber jacking
no shit? reply: exactly!
by bigbonza August 04, 2012
Whilst Double Penetrating a girl, The dick in the ass goes in as the dick in the pussy comes out. Like the old school saws that the lumberjacks used back in the day.
Dude, last night, me and my homeboy were totally lumberjacking that bitch. We had her screaming everything with our perfect form!
by Spcmmr January 03, 2011
This is when a man masturbates over someone's sleeping face, and, after ejaculating on his/her face, he would proceed to trim his pubic hair over his/her face, now sticky with drying semen. Therefore, the falling pubic hair, freshly trimmed from the man's genitalia, would stick to the person's face, hence giving the person a "beard", of sorts, similar to a lumberjack's.
Person 1: Man I tried lumberjacking my girlfriend, and she filed a restraining order against me.
Person 2: That slut. Don't worry about it, she's not worthy of a beard anyway.
by MadCow789 April 05, 2015
When you're in a public transit, like a bus or train or plane, you pull out your penis before the person next to you sits down and you put it under them with out them knowing.
Marc: Hey Nathan, do you remember that time i lumber jacked that chick on the bus?

Nathan: Yeah, lumber jacking is totaly awesome!

Marc: Haha that was hilarious, why don't you come sit beside me nate?

Nathan: Sure, i don't see any harm in th...awww why's my seat so hard?
by Adam Demamp November 03, 2011
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