To be called into work on the weekend at the last minute against your will.
"I was going to go to the lake this weekend, but I was lumberged at the last minute."
by ZuZ February 28, 2005
Top Definition
1)Slang--pretty much defines any useless, sneaky, overconfident project manager that makes you work overtime
"Man, I got this new job and my boss is a total lumberg."
by Mia February 05, 2004
1. Someone that is incredibly boring and annoying.
2. Someone who says the word "yeah" a lot.
1. Wow, that guy is a real lumberg.
2. Man, could he be any more of a lumberg?
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
When your giving it to a girl from the back (or the front too i guess), to sip some sort of drink (juice, alcohol, from a cup nonchalantly.
I was lumberging that bitch like a pimp until she turned around and busted up laughing
by pimpinpanzey February 11, 2010
Steve Karwoski - see also special k
Have you ever noticed that you've never seen Special K and Lumberg in the same room, at the same time?
by minion September 19, 2003
To lumberg; lumberg'n it; lumberger.

To lumberg is to turn around after you pass something, with a very slow and cool turn, and check something out with egotistical passion and pride.
He passed his Porsche and Lumberged it.

That woman I passed was so hot, I had to lumberg her.

That guy was so into this girls ass he was lumberg'n it.
by Team Blumpkin August 25, 2004
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