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a variation of the game ookie cookie. A group of lumber jacks or campers form a circle around a tree and the last person to jizz on the tree loses. The loser must rub the seamen on his axe for grip and then cut down the tree in order to produce fire wood for the campsite.
We ran out of fire wood on our camping trip and we decided to have a lumber jack off to designate a bitch to get more wood.
by BonerJammin' April 06, 2009
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When you grow out your pubes until they resemble a beard, the you masturbate with syrup.
-"Hey man, wanna go get some flapjacks?"
-"Not right now, I'd rather go Lumberjack off."
-"Alright, just make sure you wash your balls when you're done."
by Lumberjacket August 15, 2009
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