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Noun (n.) Condition found on the gluteus maximus of human females between the age of 20 to 35, where the wearing of stretch pants found at Lululemon stores causes the wearer to appear to have a perfectly shaped behind.

NOTE: The butt appearing to look perfect can sometimes be deceiving, as the fabric used in this next-to-skin garment can inadvertently or intentionally (depends on physique of individual) shift the surface layer of fat to shape it to the desired effect. Onlookers should make mental note that this can pan out 1 of two ways.

Females that undergo regular physical activity and are seen exiting fitness clubs on a regular basis, coupled with high intake of water and sensible diet, rarely have an adverse reaction by male subjects when they undress and the fabrice releases its hold on butt fat.

For further disambiguation on the term "butt fat" reference google word search for "Jesscia", "Robyn" or "Sara"
Not real people to my knowledge.
Antonyms: successfulmentally stable
...A burn.
LulubuttWelfare mombilemiabilemicparanoidhypochondriacbaby daddy drama

Antonyms: successfulmentally stable
by forensicknowledge January 31, 2011
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