An integral component to virtually all objects. Lugnuts are used to build nearly everything, from reclining chairs to dinner plates. If ever a problem arrises with an appliance, chances are the lugnut is to blame. Then you need to fix it.
"You know what? Yep, thought so. . . lugnut- fixed it."
by Dominic Minichiello July 23, 2003
Top Definition
A person who is a complete idiot.
You are a total lugnut.
by nunu123 January 11, 2010
The bolts used to hold your wheel to your axel on your car or truck.
The lug nuts on my truck have more torque then your engine
by Guerra July 22, 2006
Term used for a loose bolt, or something that is failing to its proper job.

Term used for a cats chew toy after its been used

Somethin a women might say if the male is not pumpin' and thumpin' as much as she desires.
Come on work it you lug nut

This piece of shit, why did you get me a lug nut!?!
by kyle smeer June 03, 2006
Having or portraining to having testicles hanging more than the normal length.
At a frat party: "Look at that dude's Lug-Nuts. Poor guy."

Girl talking about her intercourese to a freind: "Yeah, It was SOO GROSS. His Lug-Nuts would slap me every time we humped."
by Braylen2047 February 10, 2009
Adjective. Testicles of normal size but hanging extra or abnormally low.
Paul: Sally do I have lug nuts?

Sally: Yes, I'm so so sorry.
by RoRoisBoss♡.♡ September 20, 2015
A big, fat semen nut that won't blow out of your cock.
I felt sorry for Brittany, she almost got lock jaw because she was working my cock for like two hours but I was drunk and had a bad case of lug nut.
by El Jefe Jorge February 24, 2007
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