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A legacy of lunacy. A place in history defined by botched initiatives, sleeping at the helm, misuse of the English language, blank stares, blatant nepotism and cronyism, unabashed greed, redefining conservativism, fiscal irresponsibility and downright stupidity.
George W. Bush's legacy will be one of lunacy. A lugacy if you will.
by Prof J March 09, 2006
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The political strategy of the 2005-2006 Democratic Party to win back the White House, Senate and Congress by simply doing nothing but attack Bush.
Hillary: Hey Chairman Dean, shall we pull out of Iraq?
Dean: I don't know Hil, but let us just attack Bush.
Hillary: But I think that is lunacy.
Dean: Then that would be our legacy. Let's ask Al Gore.
Al Gore: That is lugacy!! Leave me out of it! I'm waiting for global warming.
Ted Kennedy: Don't make the mistakes I've made.
Joe Biden: I'll never be president....sigh
by Josh de Castro May 18, 2006
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