When you take a shit and wipe and get the pleasant surprise of finding no shit on the toilet paper. This is a lucky thing so don't take it likely you selfish bastard.
(Man 1) Hey man, it must be my lucky day, I just took a shit and wiped and my ass was clean! I just had a lucky shit...
(Man 2) You lucky bastard.
by John & Justin M. January 18, 2011
Top Definition
derogatory way of referring to lucky star, a slice of life anime revolving around the lives of four Japaneses school girls.
My friend won't stop watching lucky shit, he even memorized that stupid song at the end.

Like Seinfeld lucky shit is a show about nothing, except that because i don't happen to a Japanese school girl i can't relate with any of it.
by bawww May 27, 2008
When you go to take a dump, and after your first wipe you notice there is nothing on the toilet paper. You are then free to proceed to button your pants back up and go along with your day.

Lucky shits are extremely convenient, quick, and clean, but unfortunately just as rare.
"Dude I need to take a MAD shit, hurry up!"

"Don't worry I'm almost done. I'm having a lucky shit today."

lucky shit
by BeetchNyuckah May 03, 2011
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