The word Lucker is used by Poker players from the Belgium, Holland area of Europe.
Your sucha Lucker, You had nothing.
by Spliffy900 March 30, 2009
Top Definition
A word which is majorativly used by retards in CounterStrike - although it's use has unfortunatly spread to other FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

It means someone who gets 'lucky'. It is used mostly in situation where a person, considering themselves to be the best on the server (or at least better than the player he just got wasted by) says "Lucker!!!!". It can also be used as an incorrect replacement for "Lucky".
*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol lucker


*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol u got lucker
by SnipaMasta December 28, 2005
Someone with a lot of luck.
Wtf you just made a hole-in-one you fucking lucker!
by .essence June 11, 2007
a contraction of the phrase "lucky fucker"
A: dude, I totally hooked up with that chick last night

B: aw, you lucker! I hear she give great head
by inkonthepaper August 09, 2010
combination of lucky and fucker. a lucky fucker. someone who is lucky in almost everything they do or just a one time thing that happens.
Person 1 'OH MY GOSH!"
Person 2 "What?! What just happened? What did you do?"
Person 2 "WOW! Luckers!"

also Flucky which is a lucky fucker
by Z3R0123 July 21, 2010
when someone is really lucky usually in a contest or raffle and wins an ipod or something you want. Your so mad you want to yell "screw you fucker!"
Sage: hey i won a ipod!
Natalie: your such a Lucker!
Sage: I know I am
by personwhoiscoolandsweet April 03, 2009
When Someone Gets Really Lucky,
But you know they're a Lucky MoFo Inside
Sasha: She Got Pizza, and missed the whole school day Because she's in A.S.B.
Natalie: YA, What A Lucker
by LustfulWinter April 08, 2009
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