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a comical term for marijuana
bible thumpin dad: (smells weed from outside of sons locked door then knocks)
"johnny are you smoking that marijuana again?!"

johnny: "yes ho now fuck off."

bible thumpin dad: "sweet jesus THATS LUCIFER'S LETTUCE!!!"

johnny: "meh."
by big baby jesus. September 10, 2007
6 Words related to lucifer's lettuce
marijuana, weed, grass, pot.
man, i cant find my stash of lucifers' lettuce.
by j. hickey August 30, 2007
Aka. Marijuanna, also add crazy crutons, aka.hash, and if needed add risky ranch, aka. Hash oil
Lucifers lettuce + crazy crutons + risky ranch = the dankest salad known to man Man!!! Itll melt you to the couch man
by superstoner20000 January 30, 2012

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