N. A thin, poorly rolled joint. Often times crooked and/or lopsided with unevenly distributed weed inside, due to the fact it was rolled in the front seat of a car. Smoked before events to the dome or with a friend.
1: Ay man, you wanna smoke this? *holds up a lucien*

2: Is that a balled up rolling paper you found under your seat?

1: No man, there's weed in there, it's just a Lucien! So, do you wanna hit this up?

2: I mean.......alright.
by Rapsity24 December 12, 2009
Top Definition
Lucien is the most amazing guy in the world. He is very hard working and it always pays off. You get to know him as a friend first and you find out he has an amazing sense of humour, is incredibly intelligent and is so beautifully handsome. You then realise that you have fallen so deeply in love with him that there is no way out, you just have to dig deeper and deeper till you find his heart. And trust me, finding Lucien's heart is the best thing that could ever happen to you. And if youre extra lucky then he will return youre love and there you have it- the most powerful love in the whole entire universe. He is amazing with words and has the most amazing lips ever, you see them and all you want to do is press your lips hard against his and close your eyes and let time freeze. There are more reasons why i love Lucien than stars in the sky but i cant possibly list them all. So i will leave it with this. Lucien will make you the happiest girl alive. I love you Lucien <3
I met the most amazing guy today!
Oh yeah! whats he like?
He's a total Lucien
by myfirstlove July 23, 2011
To accidentally snooker the other player on a pool or snooker table.
I don't believe it, you've "luciened" me again!!
by Punzai April 11, 2006
constant liar,
carrier of sexual transmitted diseases.
man who sleeps with prostitutes,
male who has sex with many women and lies to them all by saying he is faithful to them.
lucifer- the devil
lucien was commonly used by alot of male prostitutes in the 1800's
by sml_hell@yahoo.com July 10, 2007
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