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derived from "Lucas" and "blasphemy," an act where a director or other artist takes one of his old masterpieces, and, mostly for selfish means (i.e. monetary), does such artistically profane damage to the original that it literally degrades how fans look at the original.
Common Scene at Comicon:

Star Wars Fan#1-Did you here Lucas is going to remake all six Star Wars in 3D?
Star Wars Fan#2-LUCASPHEMY!
Star Wars Fan#3-It's getting to the point where I'm starting to dislike Star Wars. How much money does a single man need?
Star Wars Fan#2- I can't even watch the originals anymore, and I'm talking pre-special edition, because it actually hurts thinking of what has become of it.
Star Wars Fan#1- It's really sad.
by drlcartman September 29, 2010
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