lucarinied (loo-car-ree-need)
also lucary

a person that you may know, or not, that is a messy breh, tends to get wasted on a more than average basis and can on most occasions get to the point of vomiting or as we all know it chundering fucking hard. the best part, he.. or she, but mainly he, denies it ever happening haha
example 1
person 1 "mate have you seen that guy? hes such a mess.. hes clearly had too much to drink"
person 2 "haha that guy is fucking lucarinied!!"

example 2
person 1 "mate... how can that guy be asleep.. while standing up?!"
person 2 "naa man, hes just really fucking high"
person 1 "holy shit.. thats straight up lucary"
by ddoublee November 20, 2010

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