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short for the phrase love you
x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Abbie wabbie!! i really lu!!!!xxx!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
Hollie wollieeeeee!! Lu deux!!!xxxx!!!!
x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Goodie!! =]=]=] Lu forever!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
And a day!!! Mwah mwah !!! =]
by abbiee!!! December 25, 2005
Asian with long black hair, very smart, and likes unusual things.

Not open to new things.
If Lu didn't pass that test no one will!!
by michelle2119 December 23, 2010
West Indian term that refers to living in a distorted reality
"All you do is sit on your ass all day. Bro, you are living it a lu!"
by abcdefgmrazhijkl April 12, 2009
Swagged up
DAMMNN! That nigga Lu'ed up!
Wow that guy is lu'ed up!
by Allen Lu May 16, 2011
southern italian word
to say "the"
in italian is "il"
and southern italian is "lu" or "u" (pro: 0uu)

" lu marito" (the husband)
" u brigante" (the bandit)

by mikytav benedetto July 25, 2008
Short hand for loser.
If you are intolerant, then you are a lu.
by Alex Feldman January 24, 2008
A ho, a person who takes advantage of the words mother and wife, and the word marriage. Usually see Lu Ann trying to steal decent woman's husbands.
by PandaMandaBooger February 11, 2010
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