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Short form of "long time no see"
Usually used on the internet.
Some guy: Hey, I'm back from the crash!
Some other guy: Wow, ltns!
Some guy: LTNS?
Some other guy: it means long time no see
by Crotch August 20, 2003
Acronym for 'Local Tough Nut'.

The phrase is used to describe hard, thuggish looking characters. Typically a middle aged male with a skin head and multiple tattoos.
Oh don't worry about the rioter's, all the LTN's have come out tonight to protect the area.
by alfc11 August 09, 2011
An acronym, long time no see.
Other variations include:
Long time no talk=LTNT
Long time no chat=LTNC
Long time no text=LTNT
Long time no speak=LTNS
Chatter #1: HEY! :D
Chatter #2: HYA! OMG! It's been forever!
Chatter #1: IKR, LTNS.
by Talker March 06, 2013
Abbreviation for Long Time No See.
Hey I got a text from John the other day that said: LTNS! How's it going?
by JOrlando17 August 12, 2010
Acronym: Long Time No Speak

Used primarily on the Internet and in SMS messages.
Person: Hey!
You: Hey! LTNS! How are you?
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk February 21, 2004
it means L-lick T-these N-nutts
Damn u dirty jew shut the fuck up LTN
by tony July 20, 2004
short for "eliteness". (eLiTeNeSs) mostly used by gamers, script-kiddies and other nerds.
-kid1 "heY, i tot4lly pwned that n00b."
-kid2 "LTNS !!!!!!!!1111"
by andrew eldritch March 02, 2004
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