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Short form of "long time no see"
Usually used on the internet.
Some guy: Hey, I'm back from the crash!
Some other guy: Wow, ltns!
Some guy: LTNS?
Some other guy: it means long time no see
by Crotch August 20, 2003
113 23
Acronym for 'Local Tough Nut'.

The phrase is used to describe hard, thuggish looking characters. Typically a middle aged male with a skin head and multiple tattoos.
Oh don't worry about the rioter's, all the LTN's have come out tonight to protect the area.
by alfc11 August 09, 2011
42 3
An acronym, long time no see.
Other variations include:
Long time no talk=LTNT
Long time no chat=LTNC
Long time no text=LTNT
Long time no speak=LTNS
Chatter #1: HEY! :D
Chatter #2: HYA! OMG! It's been forever!
Chatter #1: IKR, LTNS.
by Talker March 06, 2013
11 0
Abbreviation for Long Time No See.
Hey I got a text from John the other day that said: LTNS! How's it going?
by JOrlando17 August 12, 2010
8 7
it means L-lick T-these N-nutts
Damn u dirty jew shut the fuck up LTN
by tony July 20, 2004
10 25
Acronym: Long Time No Speak

Used primarily on the Internet and in SMS messages.
Person: Hey!
You: Hey! LTNS! How are you?
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk February 21, 2004
25 41
short for "eliteness". (eLiTeNeSs) mostly used by gamers, script-kiddies and other nerds.
-kid1 "heY, i tot4lly pwned that n00b."
-kid2 "LTNS !!!!!!!!1111"
by andrew eldritch March 02, 2004
5 88