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(L-S-K) to run away and make out.
"hey billy, want to lsk?"

"the lead singer from that band... major lsk status."
by sieuw April 08, 2006
Loyal Side Kick's Sister
Shoot! I didn't get to see LSKS this past weekend because I got stuck chilling out with my work friends instead. That's pretty weak.
by mamaert March 19, 2011
lsk, short for LIFE STYLE KING. one who lives and enjoys many different things. mostly one who parties but also wants to succeed.
guy 1:bro, i cant decide to go to collage or go party it up at all the time.

guy 2;bro be a lsk, and make 2 a life style for you
by lifestyleking February 29, 2012

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