a promiscuous, dirty coke whore with a fat ass who stalks people on myspace and enjoys drinking wine coolers, boxed wine, and purchasing overpriced cocaine cut with ex lax. you can usually find her passed out at the local bar in the mens restroom, or face down - ass up in the backseat of a 'murdered out' SUV. she also fucks all of her male co-workers on the reg.
yo, i fucked lsb last night and this morning my dick fell off.

by unkn December 12, 2008
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acronym for "like shit boi"

shit can be spelled in different ways

Ex. shidd, shid, shyt, etc.

boi also can be spelled in different ways
Ex. boy, boii, etc.
how does your neck support your head lsb
aye, u dumb lsb
wow, yall cheated lsb
by HitStick93 October 10, 2010
Abbreviation for Lifestyle Block. This is the unique name that New Zealanders give to blocks of land of 2 or more acres. They are becoming increasingly popular with city-dwellers looking to 'ditch the neighbours' and move to the country.
I'm so sick of the city, it's about time I got myself an LSB.
by KeeWee April 20, 2006
Short for Linux Standard Base, the LSB is a standard for making portable GNU/Linux applications that can be installed on any LSB-compliant Linux distribution.
Did you know that if your program is LSB-compliant, it can be installed on over 30 major Linux distributions without any modifications necessary?
by mjunx August 23, 2010
Laugh Shrugg Bail
Did he give you an answer? No he did a LSB.
by Delmuire August 19, 2010
Whenever a person is wearing their school bag much too low so they look stupid, They are known as an LSBS, Low School Bag Sucker.
Wow look at his school bag, He is such an LSBS!!
by urbandictionarynamething April 25, 2009
Luke Sydney Byrne (plumbing and gas)
LSB (Luke Sydney Byrne does) lots of plumbing and gasfitting

LSB (Luke Sydney Byrne does) does lots of Plugging of his 12 inch Child Maker
by the on the only LSB, August 31, 2008

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