Top Definition
1. a.poser.
b.some one who pretends to be someone they're not.
That guy waswearing DC's and he doesn't even skate, what a lowser.
by - one love March 14, 2004
(lo' zer) n.:

1. the lowest of all losers.
2. an individual whom has fallen far beyond the point of social redemption.
I don't make it a point to associate with people who would even attempt to hack via Skype. Talk about such a lowser!
by ChittyChittyCockBang September 03, 2014
someone that always looses games against their girlfriends.
Wow, Cory is such a lowser because Kate always beats him.
by I'm the winner October 25, 2006
lol one time francis accidently said lowser instead of looser. and now lol its word according to me ok.
man adeel is such a lowser.
by Daniel July 15, 2004
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