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Although this is a word that seems to be coined by Chaucer and is of classical literary descent. In which its meaning is "a low man."

In modern usage the word was derived from "clown" by dropping the "c." As a result, "lown" is associated with the word "clown," but is not so severe. It is often used to describe someone that is not liked. Also, the word is often used as filler when there is nothing else to say.
Oh my god, you lown.
What's up, lown?
Lown out (Lo)
Lown in (Li)
by Lown car May 07, 2004
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Based on Harry Cooper's new vet Chris Brown and his complete lack of testosterone and/or heart. The original English word lame was compounded with Brown's surname forming the adj. listed above.
"Come out tonight!, Don't be so lown!!!...you cunt!!!"
by PG November 14, 2003
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