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a dirty little trick, or when you get punked in an especially vicious way.
Upper Deckers are a low down dirty trick only perpetrated by trash.
by Noir December 06, 2007
The details and relevant information on a given topic or issue.
Your supervisor will give you the lowdown on how this company operates.
by Pye December 21, 2004
1. getting the skinny or full disclosure of the situation
Yo slim, gimmie the lo down on the pig situation on my turf.
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
n. The actual dirt or details that comprise a complex situation which is usually passed on from a first hand participant in the ongoing 'drama.' Sometimes this phrase references the prior details of a scenario such as background connections which expose real motive or the base common denominator that the average person may not know.
Lemme give you the low down on dupont chemicals and the situation in bophal india.

She hooked me up with the low down on why they meet up after work everynight and now I see that its all business.
by thee radical eclectic August 17, 2006
When you need to get to the point of something. This word is commonly used when you are trying to use 'hip' words with your friends so you won't seem like a complete loser.
Jack: So what do you want to do on Friday?
Lindsay: I have no clue jack, give me the lowdown on what you would like to do
Jack: Lindsay your so hip! Teach me your ways.
by omgmorganshutup August 04, 2012
A phrase used by an adult attempting to use young slang, while failing to realize that the correct phrase is "down low"
Denise's Mom: Oh, ya it's all cool. Lena doesn't know so keep it on the low down kay?
Denise: What?
Denise's Mom: keep it on the low down because Lena doesn't know
Denise: its keep it on the down low, mom. you are so lame.
by qwertybirdy12345 June 04, 2011
American in origin.Can mean COOL or be an expression of approval.
Alternativley an expression of contempt.
"Cool man that jazz sounds LOWDOWN."
Or negative.
"You lowdown cotton pickin'son of a bitch."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004