Transitive regular verb: to lowbatt somebody

The action of under-considering someone, like your parents, your teacher, or whomever gives you an order or makes a remark that you think is inappropriate, unfair, or unjustified.

Comes after "low battery" obviously. More precisely it comes after a TV commercial broadcast in Australia in 2012 where you could see a teenager wearing a pair of earphones, listening to his smartphone music (this profile is a prime choice for parent low-batters), walking down the stairs, looking at his parents eating their dinner soup without saying a single word to each other, and probably swearing to himself that he'll never have their life. He eventually went to the fridge and grabbed something I can't remember of...
When I told my son that he couldn't go to that party Saturday night, he lowbatted me and turned away. He didn't listen to what I had to say anyway as he was listening to his iPhone with his headset on...
by tropicalm November 28, 2012
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